Welcome to our site. Zemko Supply offers a huge variety of products including computers, networking, telecom, tools, industrial equipment, consumer electronics, software and video games.

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Our Contact info:

Our normal work hours are Monday through Friday from 7:30AM to 4:00PM EST. You can reach us by phone at 704-644-3998 or email us at support@zemkosupply.com. Our physical address is:

Zemko LLC
10270 Barberville Road
Fort Mill, SC 29707

Our Staff:

Mike Abbey (mike@zemkosupply.com), Zemko – President, has over a decade’s experience selling online. Graduating from Western Carolina University with a degree in Business Law he worked as a divisional manager at a public IT firm for 15 years. He specializes in IT, telecom and industrial equipment but also has a passion for antique furniture and automobiles.  Mike started Zemko selling muscle car parts part-time on eBay and 10 years later it has turned into his full time job. With four young daughters at home, he is also an expert in patience and communication.

Roy Miller (roy@zemkosupply.com), Zemko – General Manager, has extensive experience selling on eBay and Amazon; Not only is he responsible for all of Zemko’s online sales, this A+ certified technician is also responsible for the testing and repair center. Roy runs this business so efficiently that we have been able maintain a 99.9% or better feedback on every online site we list on (not an easy task).  With two kids approaching college age and a house full of dogs, Roy has to be on his game all the time.

Brian Stebbins (brian@zemkosupply.com), Zemko – Video Game Manager, knows everything there is to know about video games. From Atari to PS3, Brian is an avid gamer who can play or fix anything. This former enlisted man runs the game division with military precision making sure everything is perfect….no excuses and no mistakes. Even with the addition of his new son, Brian still finds the time to play his video games, raise his dogs and catch the latest Panther’s football game.
Trent Carter (trent@zemkosupply.com), Zemko –Computer/Telecom Manger, has a gift for all things technical. Having grown up around computers and video games Trent has a natural ability to test, repair and configure not only IT equipment, but just about anything with a plug. After working for years as a bench technician, he accepted the position as our resident guru. When he is not at work with his dog (Judas), Trent enjoys video gaming and catching the latest alternative concert.